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Nicollette is the sweetest!!

Hi everyone,

My friend's infant daughter, Hailey Kent, is being treated at the Children's Hopsital Los Angeles after having Leukemia and getting a stem cell transplant this past spring. Anyway, they were there for a check-up last week and ran into Nicollette who was there visiting all of the sick kids. She played with my friend's twins for at least a half hour (especially her son) and was so sweet with them.

You can check out some pictures here (on the 3rd page):

Myself and some other friends of the Kents are currently working on a project for their family - to get Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to build them a new house. We would really appreciate it if all of the "Desperate Housevies" or Nicollette fans could get together and help us get the word out there of what a deserving family this is and how badly they need a new home.

We really need to get the word out so if any of you are interested please visit our website:
**There is also a petition on the site for everyone to sign

And please watch this special video in honor of Hailey:

Please feel free to pass those links on to anyone and everyone you know!

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